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“Unlike most of my competitors, we are not just a faceless 800 number!”

“There are factors to consider when selecting a merchant vendor — and the process can be confusing. I take pride in being close at hand, working directly with customers. I make sure it is easy and pleasant to do business with us!

Raised in Wichita Falls TX, and a Lowcountry resident since 2003, Carolyne worked in the cellular industry for 20+ years. In 2012, she joined the payment processing industry as an Account Executive in Charleston.

Carolyne talks about her business: “It’s important to me to help customers with their business, solving problems for them & improving their cash flow.”

“I know this is a competitive industry, however I relish working for one of the top companies in payment services. Unlike most of my competitors, we are not just a faceless 800 number!

“Best of all, I have the backing of a major organization, dedicated to serving my customers. I always give my cell phone number and customer service and technical support are available at your fingertips. My accounts are surrounded by support and caring people.”

In addition to her position in the card processing world, Carolyne is an avid tennis buff. From playing a mean game to coaching young tennis players, she stays active and busy. So whether you need an expert in merchant services or a helpful hint on how to improve your serve, call on Carolyne!

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